Keyframe interpolation modes

You can choose between Smooth (Bezier) and Linear interpolation modes for keyframe animations. The default interpolation mode is linear.

Linear interpolation

With linear interpolation, the object will transition between two keyframe values at a constant rate. The rate of change is determined by the difference in values and the time between keyframes. This is the simplest method of interpolation and is suitable for mechanical movements.

Smooth (Bezier) interpolation

With smooth interpolation, you can control the rate of change between keyframes. In the curves editor, you can adjust a tangent line for each keyframed value, which then determines the rate of change. This method provides the most control over your animations, and is suitable for organic movements.

Setting the interpolation mode

To choose an interpolation mode, complete the following steps:

  1. Select Options.

  2. On the Options page, select either Smooth (Bezier) or Linear.

After you select an interpolation mode, all keyframes that you add will use that mode, even if you restart the application or load another sequence. To change to a different interpolation mode, repeat previous steps.

You cannot change the interpolation mode of a keyframe after you create it.

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