Animation overrides

Some of the IFX in the library feature animations overrides. Use animation overrides to choose what animation your IFX will play at specific times.

Enabling animation overrides

  • To configure animation overrides for an object, access its effect options, and then select Use Animation Overrides.

Adding an animation override

  • To add a new animation override, select NEW.

Animation override settings


Start Time

The time when the animation override will take effect. Your chosen animation will begin to play at this time.

End Time

The time when the animation override will stop. After this time, the IFX will revert back to its default animations. If the duration between the Start Time and End Time is shorter than the length of the animation, the animation will be interrupted.


The animation to play between the Start Time and End Time. Use the left and right arrows to cycle through the available animations. Some animations will loop. Other animations will stop on the last frame of the animation.

If you move the object container to a new position on the timeline, or adjust the start time grip, the times that you set for the animation overrides update automatically.

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