User status icons

Under certain circumstances, status icons appear on a user's panel on the Users tab of the Host Controls page. An example is shown in the following image:

The icons that may appear are described in the following table:



Indicates that a user's device has started to load content or Shared Screen media - such as a video, screen, or web browser. If the icon disappears, this typically indicates that the media loaded successfully. Alternatively, this icon may be replaced by a loading progress or loading failed icon, as described below.

Loading progress

Indicates the loading progress for an item of content.

Loading failed

Indicates that the user's device has failed to load a shared video. For example, the link may be incorrect or access to the video may be restricted to certain geographic regions.


Indicates that the user is recording others in the Session. The icon doesn't appear if a user is recording only themselves.

Seat lock

Indicates that the user is locked in a seat and will not be able to leave it until a host releases them. For more information, see Seating.

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