Managing the microphone of an individual user

During a Session, you may want to mute the microphone of a specific user. For example, if you suspect that a user’s microphone causes feedback or if a user takes a phone call and forgets to mute their microphone. To mute a specific user, complete the following steps:

2. Identify a user and select their microphone icon.

You can use the microphone icons to identify which user to mute. If a user’s microphone is actively detecting sounds, their microphone icon fills with a solid color.

3. In the Mute User dialog, select the check box to allow the user to unmute their microphone. Alternatively, clear the check box to lock their microphone as muted.

This is the only method that you can use to mute a host. However, the option to allow a host to unmute themselves is disabled. A host can always unmute their microphone.

4. Select Confirm.

Managing the microphone of a muted user

If you mute a user, you can select the microphone icon again to unmute them. However, if the user has chosen to mute themselves, you can’t forcibly unmute them. Instead, after you select their microphone icon, you see the options shown in the following image. You can either lock their microphone in a muted state, or request that they unmute themselves. If you request that they unmute, the user is shown a message to that effect.

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