The timeline view provides an overview of all objects in your sequence. Use the timeline view to arrange when objects will be visible in your sequence.

Presentation of objects

Objects on the timeline are represented by a horizontal bar - termed a container. The position and length of each container defines when the object will be active on the timeline. For example, the when a 3D model will be visible or an audio file will be heard.

The color of the container and the icon indicates the type of object. These correspond to the colors and icons of the create object buttons in the panel on the left-hand side. For more information about parts of the interface, see The editor panel.

You can place multiple containers on the same row, so long as they don't overlap.

Adjusting objects

  • Move: To move an object, drag it to a new position.

  • Clone: To create a duplicate of an object, select it, and then, in the panel on the left-hand side, select Clone.

  • Adjust length: To adjust the start time or end time of an object, drag the grips at either end of the container.

Presentation of keys

In the timeline view, keys are represented by vertical lines an object's container. However, these lines are visible only while an object is selected.

Adjusting keys

For all other adjustments, use either the dope sheet view or the curves view.

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