Setting permissions for all users

You can set permissions for all users in a Session. When you make selections, they're immediately applied to all users in a Session and to any users that subsequently join.

The available options are summarized in the following table.


Access microphone permission settings. You can choose to mute all users, and then choose whether you will allow them to unmute themselves. You can also choose to keep all LITE users muted.

See Managing the microphones of all users.

Add IFX to the Session. See Adding IFX

Modify IFX that has been set to the shared status. See Sharing an object

Use the shared screen page on a menu or tablet to share videos, websites, cloud files, and computer desktop. See Sharing media

Record the Session. A recording can include the motions, actions, and audio from all avatars in the Session. See Creating a recording

Create sticky notes and add them to the environment. This incudes from wrist controls on a VR headset and from the Notes page. See Sticky notes

Turn off to hide the names that appear over the heads of avatars.

Turn off to prevent the clapping sound effect that accompanies the clapping gesture.

Activate spatial audio, where the volume reduces as the person moves further away. Turn on to activate 3D voice for all users.

Activate controls to adjust the 3D voice distance. See the section below for more information.

Use the 3D pen to write and draw in the environment. See 3D pen

Use a personal web browser. See Web browser

Activate personal boundaries, so that users who get too close together become invisible to each other. See Personal boundaries

Enable use of emojis. This setting applies to both hosts and non-hosts. See Emojis.

Turn on to allow users to capture shared IFX in any snapshot that they create. When this option is turned off, a user's snapshot can include only the IFX that they added and didn't share.

Note: LITE users can't create snapshots. See Snapshots.

Turn on to allow only members of the group that owns the persistent Session to join. Note: This setting is disabled in standard Sessions and Events. See Restricting a persistent Session to group members

Turn on to enable only hosts to invite people through the Connections system, and to hide the Session ID from non-hosts. For more information about how to invite a connection, see Session invitations.

Adjusting 3D voice distance

When 3D voice is active, the volume of a person's voice reduces as you move further away from them. When you get beyond a set distance from the person, you can no longer hear them. You can use the 3D Voice Distance adjustment tool to visually adjust the falloff distance, and to set an appropriate value for a specific location.

For example, if your location is a trade show floor, you can set a 3D voice distance to ensure that conversations in one booth aren't heard in neighbouring booths. You could stand in a booth, adjust the 3D voice distance, and see how far away your voice would be heard.

To adjust the 3D voice distance, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your menu or tablet, select the Users page, and then select the Session Settings tab.

  2. On the Session Settings tab, select 3D Voice Distance.

The 3D Voice Distance window appears, and concentric circles are overlaid onto the location. Within the central circle, your voice is heard at full volume. Beyond the outer circle, your voice isn't heard.

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