‌You can access a library of over 1,200 immersive effects (IFX) to instantly add 3D models, special effects, and audio effects.

Adding an IFX to a sequence

  1. From the library of IFX, select one to add.

  2. Place the IFX in the environment. For more information about the controls that are available when you add an IFX, see Adding IFX.

IFX effect options

  • Static 3D models: These IFX have no additional effect options.

  • Audio: These IFX include settings to change between 2D and 3D, and to configure whether the audio loops. For more information, see Audio IFX.

  • Animation overrides: This category mainly includes representations of living creatures. These IFX include multiple preset animations. You can configure specific animations to play at specific times. For more information, see Animation overrides.

  • Colliders: If you enable the collider, the IFX is simulated as a physical object in the environment and user can't walk through it. Some colliders also provide a surface that users can teleport on top of. For more information, see IFX with colliders.

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