Wrist controls

If you use a VR headset and hand controllers, you can use the wrist controls. These are a set of tools that take advantage of hand tracking and are specifically suited to an immersive VR environment.

To access your wrist controls, raise and rotate your left hand as if to look at a wrist watch. Use the touch cursor attached to your right hand to select items on the wrist controls. If the wrist controls don't appear, see Enabling wrist controls.

A host in a Session can configure which tools on the wrist controls are active. You can always see your local time and date, and use the option to realign your avatar. You can tap the microphone icon to mute and unmute your microphone, unless the host has locked you as muted. For more information about the other tools, see the following sections:

Enabling wrist controls

  1. In a Session, open your menu or tablet.

  2. On the Settings page, select User Preferences.

  3. Turn on the Wrist controls toggle.

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