Add the feedback recordings for the paper fire

  1. On the timeline, select the cog icon for the paper_water object.

  2. In the Triggered Effects section, select Trigger For, so that Everyone changes to Local User.

  3. Select NEW.

  4. From the type of effect options, select Recording.

  5. Select the response recording for the paper fire: water response.

  6. On the file information page, select Load.

  7. In the Load Recording panel, select Load.

  8. Use the gizmo to position the recording appropriately.

After you place the recording, it will disappear. This is because it is a triggered effect and not part of the main timeline. To edit the recording, select the cog icon for the trigger, and then select the cog icon for the Triggered Effect.

  1. Repeat the process for the other trigger buttons and their corresponding responses.

  2. Save the sequence.

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