You can use snapshots to save a group of IFX as a single object, which you can then place in a Session or the Content Editor. For more information about how to create a snapshot, see Saving a snapshot.

Snapshots are useful to plan the look of your scene in advance and reload them at a moment's notice. If your requirements change, you can ungroup the snapshot, modify the objects, and then create a new snapshot.

Adding a snapshot to a sequence

  1. From the list of snapshots, select the one that you want to add.

  2. On the file information page, select Load.

  3. In the Load IFX Snapshot prompt, select Load.

  4. Place the snapshot in the environment.

After you place the snapshot, it becomes an object in the environment. For more information about how to modify the snapshot, see Modifying objects.

Snapshot effect options

For instructions on how to access effect options, see Effect options. For snapshots, the only additional effect option is to Set Original Position. Select this option to place your snapshot in the original position that it was created.

The Set Original Position **** option is location dependent. If you place a snapshot in a different location than it was originally captured, you will have to manually decide on its placement.

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