Accepting or rejecting an invitation to connect

When you receive an invitation to connect with another user, a red dot is displayed on the Connections button on the menu screen. If you go to the connections section of the application, a red dot on the Invitations button also indicates that you have a new invitation.

After you view your pending invitations, the red dot is hidden until the next time that you log in to the application.

To accept an invitation, complete the following steps:

  1. Choose one of the following options:

    • On the menu screen, select Connections, and then select Invitations.

  2. In the panel that appears, select either Accept or Reject.

If you reject an invitation, the person that sent it isn't notified. From their perspective, the invitation remains pending. If you change your mind after you reject a connection, you can follow the instructions to create a invitation. If their invitation to you is still pending, you will automatically connect. For more information, see Inviting someone to connect.

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