Add sound effects

Currently the only sound in the environment is the ambient soundtrack. We can add additional sounds to increase the sense of immersion. Similar to the other effects, we’ll add audio IFX to the timeline for continuously active sounds, and then add sounds as triggered effects to accompany the visual effects.

To add audio, select the IFX button on the left-hand side of the editor panel. You can apply the Audio filter to restrict the listing and searches to audio files.

Add static sound effects

  1. Add a Fire Burning Sound audio IFX at the location of the gas fire.

  2. Add a Fire 1 audio IFX at the location of the paper fire.

  3. Add a Fire 2 audio IFX at the location of the electrical fire.

  4. For each audio IFX, select its cog icon on the timeline, and set the settings to match those shown in the following image.

The 3D Audio setting ensures that the sound is perceived as coming from a specific location. The loop setting ensures that the sound plays for as long as the object is on the timeline.

Add triggered audio effect

  • Add an Explosion 1 audio IFX as a triggered effect for the water option of the electrical fire. The instructions are the same as described in [Add a special effect for the CO2 option].

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