Creating an unlisted Session

If you create an unlisted Session, it doesn't appear on the Join Session page. Other people can join the Session only if you or someone else invites them.

To create an unlisted Session, complete the following steps:

  1. On the menu screen of the ENGAGE app, select Start Session.

  2. Select a Location.

  3. Select With Others.

  4. Enter a Session Name.

  5. Optional: Enter a password. This feature is only available to people with a PLUS or ENTERPRISE subscription. However, a password is typically not required for an unlisted Session.

  6. Optional: From the Max attendees list, select the maximum number of users that you want to be able to join the session. You are counted as one of the users. For more information, see Session capacity.

  7. Turn on the Unlisted toggle.

  8. Select Start.

  9. Select Start Session.

For instructions on how to invite other people, see Inviting others to your Session.

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