Account types

You can choose between the following three subscriptions:


A free subscription that you can use to attend Events and Sessions hosted by other users. The only requirement is that you verify your email address.

LITE users can also access the public areas of ENGAGE LINK and connected client metaworlds. However, voice communication is disabled for LITE users in most public spaces.

Features related to the creation and delivery of content are disabled for LITE users, and some of the features that are available, such as creating Sessions, sharing media, and creating avatars include limitations.


A monthly-billable subscription for individual VR enthusiasts and experimenters who want to explore a broader range of features that are available in ENGAGE.

With a PLUS account, you have access to the full public library of 3D environments and objects, which includes several advanced objects that enable new ways to use the platform. For example, portals, green screens, and interactive buttons. You can use voice communication in ENGAGE LINK spaces. You can create Sessions and Events that are publicly listed and easy for others to join, but can also control access through methods such as passwords and registration lists.

A PLUS account also provides access to a range of content creation tools. You’re able to create immersive animations and interactive experiences. However, you’re limited in the ways that you can share them and can’t charge other people to access them.

For more information, see Registering for a PLUS account


An annual subscription for business, educational, or creative organizations that want their members to meet and collaborate on the platform, or who want to use the platform to deliver services, training, content, events, or experiences. If you want to generate income from your activities in ENGAGE, you need an ENTERPRISE account.

An ENTERPRISE account provides additional security. Your data is segregated from that of other users, and members of your ENTERPRISE group can create Sessions and Events that are visible only to other members of the group.

Depending on the terms of your license, ENTERPRISE accounts may also be able to establish a presence on our professional metaverse – ENGAGE LINK.

Many features are also exclusively available to ENTERPRISE accounts, such as customized branding in the application, running scalable Events for potentially thousands of attendees, and commissioning the ENGAGE Studio to create custom locations, virtual objects, or Event experiences.

For more information, contact our sales team.

Comparison of account features and benefits


Upload custom environments and 3D models

Manage group membership and invite other users

Share content with group members

Restrict Session and Event access to a specific group

Use single sign-on (SSO)

Apply group branding across the ENGAGE platform

Dependent on license

Establish a permanent presence on our professional metaverse

Dependent on license

Create always-on, persistent Sessions

Dependent on license

Create public, named, and password protected Sessions

Use the Event system to create scheduled Sessions

Use the Content Editor to create immersive animations and interactive content

Create recordings that play back as immersive content

Use two-factor authentication (2FA)

Maximum number of users in a session (when session creator)




Number of saved avatars




Apply a photograph of a face to your avatar

Generate 3 per month; store 1

Generate 10 per month; store 5

Generate 10 per month; store 5

Number of available locations




Number of available IFX




Use voice communication in ENGAGE LINK

Restricted in many locations

Share media such as in-application web browser and user desktop (when session creator)

5 minutes each user



Attend public Events

Create unlisted Sessions

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