Creating a loop

You can use the Skip to Time IFX to create a loop in your sequence. This IFX jumps the playback to a different part of your timeline. You can create a loop by continuously jumping back to an earlier point on the timeline.

Adding a Skip to Time IFX to a sequence

  1. From the library of IFX, select Skip to Time (Lesson Seek).

  2. Place the IFX in the environment. Its position isn't important.

Creating a loop

  1. Decide which points on the timeline will be the start and end of the loop.

  2. Place the Skip to Time IFX at the point on the timeline that will be the end of the loop.

  3. Access the effect options for the Skip to Time IFX.

  4. In the TIME VALUE field, enter the timestamp for the start of the loop.

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