Adding a multiple-choice question

To add a multiple-choice question to a form, complete the following steps:

  1. On the FORMS page, select EDIT for the form that you want to add the question to.

  2. Select the QUESTIONS tab, and then select ADD QUESTION.

  3. In the Create Questions window, enter a question title and question text.

  4. Optional: In the Marks field, enter the number of marks to award for a correct answer to this question. Enter 0 to award no marks.

  5. From the Answer Type list, select Multiple Choice.

  6. Complete the following steps to configure an answer:

    1. In the Answer field, enter the text to display for this answer.

    2. If the answer is correct, turn on the Correct toggle.

    3. Optional: In the Feedback after submit field, enter text to display to the user if they choose this answer. Feedback is displayed only if the Show feedback after question submitted setting is selected. For more information, see Editing settings for a form in the web manager.

  7. To add another answer, select ADD, and then repeat step 6.

  8. After you add all the answers, select SAVE QUESTION.

You can select more than one answer to be correct. If there is no correct answer, use a questionnaire question. For more information, see Adding a questionnaire question.

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