Adding a co-host

When you start a Session, you are given the role of host. You can choose to give host permissions to any other person in the Session. However, because hosts have the highest possible permissions in a Session, we recommend that you give the permission only to people that you know and trust.
If you're in a persistent Session and you give host permissions to someone else, that person remains a host the next time that they join the persistent Session. For more information, see Configuring hosts for a persistent Session.
You may want to assign another user as co-host to guard against unexpected technical issues. For example, if you are the only host in a standard Session, and you lose your network connection, everyone else in the Session is returned to the menu screen.
To add someone as a co-host, complete the following steps:
1. Open the menu, select Host Controls
, and then select the Users tab.
2. Identify a user and select their More icon
More icon for an individual user
3. On the Host Actions page, select Add Co-Host.
Option to add a co-host