User search and sort options

Some of the controls available to hosts can be applied to individual users in a Session. To affect an individual user, you must first find their username listed on the Users page. You can use the following features to search for a specific user by their name, or to sort users based on a specific characteristic.

Searching for a user

  1. On the Users page, in the Search for users field, enter all or part of a user's name.

Sorting the user list

  1. On the Users page, from the sort list in the upper-right corner of the page, select a sort option.

The available sort methods are described in the following table:

Sort methodDescription

Join Order

List users in the order that they joined the Session.


List users in A-Z (ascending) or Z-A (descending) order, based on their display names.

Avatar type

List users in two groups - those assigned a full-body avatar and those assigned a basic avatar. For more information, see Assigning full-body avatars.

Device type

List users grouped by the device that they're using.


List users in two groups - hosts and non-hosts.

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