Creating a recording

The following video shows you how to create a recording:

Step by step instructions

If you use a standalone VR headset, such as a Meta Quest 2, you can record a maximum of eight people - yourself and seven others. If you use a desktop or PC VR device, you can record everyone in the Session.

  1. Choose whether to record only yourself, everyone, or selected people.

  2. Select Record.

  3. A countdown begins. If you close your menu or tablet, the countdown continues. When the countdown is complete, the recording starts and a notification about the recording is displayed to everyone in the Session.

  4. Perform the actions that you want to record.

  5. In the Save Recording window, enter a file name for the recording, and then select Save. Alternatively, select Discard to cancel the recording.

Don't immediately discard a recording if something goes wrong. You may be able to correct the issue. For example, if you record a crowd scene and a few people don't follow your direction, you can remove them from the recording. For more information, see Advanced playback settings and Editing a recording.

Selecting others

If you choose the Select Others option when you create a recording, the Select users to record page is displayed and shows a list of all users in the Session. Select the check box for all users that you want to include in the recording.

The Select users to record page also includes a toggle for Joining Users. Turn the toggle on to include any users that join the Session after you start the recording. Turn the toggle off to only include the users that you select.

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