In ENGAGE, a recording can include the voice, movements, and actions of all users in a Session. For more information about how to create a recording, see Creating a recording.

Adding a recording to a sequence

  1. In the My Recordings window, select a recording to add.

  2. On the file information page, select Load.

  3. In the Load Recording prompt, select Load.

  4. Place the recording in the environment.

Recording effect options

For instructions on how to access effect options, see Effect options. For recordings, the effect options provide access to advanced playback settings. For more information about the different settings, see Advanced playback settings. Some additional settings are available only in the Content Editor, and are described below.



You can clear this check box to disable looping. If you do, after the recording completes, it holds the final frame for as long as the recording is active on the timeline.

No Voice Audio (Main User)

Use this setting to mute the audio of the main user.

No Voice Audio ("Others")

Use this setting to mute the audio of everyone other than the main user.

Start Time Offset

Use this setting to skip the start of the recording. Enter how many seconds from the start of the recording you want to skip.

For an alternative method to set the start time offset, see the section below.

Set Original Position (Scene Dependent)

Select to place your recording in the original position it was recorded in. This option is location dependent. If you place a recording in a different location than it was originally captured, you will have to manually decide on its placement.

Setting start and end offsets on the timeline

In the timeline view, you can drag the grips of a recording to adjust the start and end offsets. As you drag the start time grip, you see an indication of how many seconds will be skipped from the start.

If you set either a start or end offset, lightly shaded regions represent the amount of time that you've trimmed. The recording won't be visible in your sequence during these lightly shaded regions.

Configuring loops on the timeline

If the Loop setting is selected in a recording's effect options, the recording will continue to loop for as long as it's active on the timeline. If you drag the end time grip on a container for a recording, vertical white lines are displayed to indicate where the recording will loop. Theses lines are visible only when you adjust the grip.

Editing a recording

You can edit a recording to replace the audio of the main user, remove avatars, hide IFX added by specific avatars, and perform other tasks. You can then save the edited recording as a new file. To edit a recording, complete the following steps:

  1. In the My Recordings window, select a recording to edit.

  2. On the file information page, select Load.

  3. In the Load Recording window, select Edit recording.

For more information about the different options, see Editing a recording.

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