Moving by selection in VR

Moving an object that's within reach of your hands on a VR headset

If an object is within reach of your virtual hand, you can grab it and move it directly. When you move your virtual hand close to an object, a hand icon appears. Hold down the trigger on the controller to grab the object.

Moving an object that's beyond the reach of your hands on a VR headset

You can use the laser pointer from your hand controller to interact with an object at any distance. To move an object, complete the following steps:

To move an object, choose one the following methods:

  1. Press and hold the trigger button on your right controller. Outlines for all of the object bubbles appear.

  2. Point your controller at the object bubble for the object you want to move. The object's name appears inside the object bubble.

  3. Release the trigger button, and then press and release it once more to pick up the object.

  4. Use the following controls to position the object:

    • Move the right controller to move the object.

    • Move the thumbstick on the right controller left and right to adjust the scale.

    • Move the thumbstick on the right controller up and down to adjust the object's distance from you.

    • Hold the trigger on the left controller and rotate the left controller to rotate the object.

  5. Press the trigger on the right controller to place the object.

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