The menu screen

After you create your avatar, and every time that you open the ENGAGE app, you see the menu screen. You are also returned to the menu screen when you leave a Session or Event. The main features of the menu screen are as follows:

The options that are displayed on the menu screen depend on your account, device type, and the settings of any Enterprise group that you are a member of. You may see fewer options than are show in the following image.



Explore LINK

Select to access the ENGAGE LINK map, and then from there, access the ENGAGE LINK plazas.


Menu options

Use to access the main features of ENGAGE, such as to create or join Sessions.



Use to create, view, and manage your connections. You can also access options to join your connections in Sessions. A red dot indicates that you have a new invitation - either to connect or join a Session.


Settings menu

Use to view controls, toggle menu screen music, or to report a bug.


User menu

Use to access account and language options, edit your avatar, or to log out. This menu also includes an option to close the application.



Displays news and useful information. Select an item on the carousel to open the related Session, Event, or webpage. If there are multiple items in the carousel, You can select the arrows on either side to step through the items. The items will also cycle automatically.

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