Intermediate: Fire extinguisher training

The purpose of this tutorial is to provide information about the ENGAGE Content Editor only. Any information about how to respond to fires is not guaranteed to be accurate and you should always check the procedures for your building and advice from your local emergency services. Organizations such as the American Red Cross advise that you should only attempt to use a fire extinguisher under specific circumstances.

This is an intermediate-level tutorial and is aimed at people who are familiar with the ENGAGE platform or have completed the introductory tutorial.

In this tutorial you’ll create a piece of interactive training content and learn about the following features of the Content Editor:

  • Use triggers

  • Use recordings

  • Add special effects

You’ll create three areas of interaction, each of which displays a different type of fire. The user will then have to choose which type of fire extinguisher is the correct one to use. The following image shows a top-down view of the layout that we’ll use.

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