Sharing an object

When you create an object, you are the only person that can modify it. However, you can choose to share it with other people in a Session. After you share an object, anyone else in the Session can move, clone, delete, or perform any other actions on the object that you can. If you share an object, it will also remain in a persistent Session after you leave. Otherwise, it is deleted when you leave.

If the permission to include shared IFX in shapshots is turned off in a Session, you lose the ability to include your IFX in a snapshot after you share it.

  • To share an object, access the control menu for the object, and then select SHARE. For more information, see Accessing the control menu.

After you share an object, the SHARE option is removed from the control menu. If the SHARE option isn't available, the object is already shared.

After you share an object, there is no way to undo the share. The alternative is to delete the shared object and add a new one.

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