Start and finish lines

Add an IFX to use for the start and finish lines

Set the end time for the pole

Next, we’ll configure how long the object remains on the timeline. Our animation will have a maximum duration of one minute. You can drag the end grip of the object container on the timeline, but if you want to set an exact time, complete the following steps:

  1. On the timeline, select the cog icon on the object’s container. For more information, see Effect options.

  2. On the Current Effect Options page, edit the End Time field and enter 00:01:00.

  3. Select SAVE EFFECT.

Complete the start line

  1. On the timeline, select the pole.

  2. On the left-hand side of the timeline view, select Clone.

  3. On the timeline, select the new clone.

Add the finish line

To ensure that the finish line posts align with the start line posts, we can clone the start line posts.

  1. On the timeline, select one of the poles.

  2. Hold Ctrl and select the second pole.

  3. On the editor panel, select Clone.

Position the finish line

Use the transform tool to move the finish line poles a suitable distance along the X (red) axis. The following image shows an example layout:

To ensure that the finish line poles align correctly, you can turn on the snap feature of the gizmo. Object movement will then snap to an invisible grid. You can also increase the step increment to make the translation jumps larger and easier to compare.

Set custom names

Use of custom names is optional but can help you to identify objects on the timeline. To set a custom name for an object, select the cog icon on its container, edit the Custom Name field, and then select SAVE EFFECT. For more information, see Setting a custom name.

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