Accessing files on your device

The location of your photos, snapshots, recordings, and sequences depends on the platform that you use. For more information, see the sections below.

To access photos that you've taken with the ENGAGE camera, use the instructions below to find the ENGAGE folder on your device, and then go to Pictures > Camera.

Because you can't use the photo, snapshot, recording, or Content Creator features on an Android or iOS phone or tablet, you don't need to access the storage location on those devices.

Microsoft Windows app or PC VR

  • Open File Explorer and browse to This PC > Documents > ENGAGE.

Standalone VR headsets

For standalone VR headsets, such as Meta Quest 3, Meta Quest Pro, Meta Quest 2, VIVE Focus 3, or PICO 4, complete the following steps:

If you uninstall the ENGAGE application, you also delete all files that you created within the application. Specifically, camera pictures, recordings, snapshots, and sequences (formerly lesson files). We recommend that you back up your files to a different device before you uninstall the application.

  1. Turn on your VR headset.

  2. Connect the VR headset to your computer. For example, use a USB cable.

  3. On the VR headset, depending on the manufacturer, allow permission to transfer files.

  4. On your computer, the VR headset is added as an external drive. Browse to this drive, and then to Internal shared storage > Android > data > com.ivre.engage > files.

The location to which ENGAGE-specific files are saved on standalone VR headsets changed with release of v3.5. For more information, see Changes to file storage in ENGAGE v3.5


  • Open Finder, from the Go menu, select Home, and then open the ENGAGE folder.

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