Creating an account in the ENGAGE app

  1. Open the ENGAGE app.

  2. On the log-in screen, in the upper-right corner, select Sign Up .

  3. On the Step 1 of 3 page, complete the account details form, review and accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, then select SIGN UP.

  4. On the Step 2 of 3 page, information about how to verify your email address is displayed. You can check your emails to verify your email address immediately, but you have 72 hours to complete the process. Select Continue.

  5. On the Step 3 of 3 page, update your other profile information. The value that you enter for Height is applied to your avatar. To ensure accurate tracking if you use a VR headset, enter a Height value that closely matches your real height. Select Continue.

You can now create your avatar. For more information, see Creating your avatar.

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