Playing a video

To play a video, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your menu or tablet.

  2. On the Shared Screen page, select Video & YouTube.

  3. You can enter text in the search field to perform the following actions:

    • Search YouTube (for example, rocket launch)

    • Play a YouTube URL (for example,

    • Play a video URL (for example,

  4. If you enter a URL, select Play to play the video. If you enter a search term, select Search to view the search results, and then select the video that you want to play.

  5. On the Select Format To Play Video page, select 2D video or 3D video, as appropriate for the video.

  6. If a warning about a 5 minute share limit appears. Select Continue. For more information about the share limit, see Sharing media.

  7. Optional: Use the volume slider to adjust the volume.

If you close your menu or tablet, the video continues to play on any screens in the location. Everyone in the Session can also see the video on the Shared Screen page of their menu or tablet.

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