To access one of the ENGAGE LINK destinations, complete the following steps:

  1. On the menu screen, select Explore LINK.

  2. On the ENGAGE LINK map, select a destination.

  3. In the Enter Location window, select Confirm.

If you want to move from one area of LINK to another, you can use the portals distributed throughout the environments. You can also use portals to visit numerous public metaworlds and interactive experiences. To identify a portal's destination, check the name displayed at its center before you travel through it. For more information about how to use portals, see Portals.

Accessing the map in a Session

You can also access the ENGAGE LINK map through your in-Session menu. You can use this to quickly move from one area of LINK to another, without the need to return to the menu screen or find the relevant portal.

  1. Open your menu or tablet. For more information, see Accessing your menu.

  2. In the lower-right corner, select the LINK icon.

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