Create the gas pipe

  1. Move to the corner adjacent to where you added the paper fire, which also has three blocks of boxes. You will add a gas pipe between the wall and the floor.

  1. Repeat the same process that you used before to add a Pipe Iron 90degree IFX.

  2. After you place the pipe in the environment, open the gizmo.

  3. Activate the snap setting, and then scale the pipe up to 2.00 times its original size.

  1. Change the gizmo to the rotate tool, and then select the RESET icon.

  1. With the snap option still active, rotate the pipe 180 degrees.

  2. Turn off the snap option, and then translate the pipe to a point where it touches the wall.

  1. Add a Pipe Iron Straight Short IFX to the Environment, and then scale it to 2.0 times its original size.

  2. Place the straight pipe underneath the angled pipe. To get an accurate alignment, it may help to place the angled pipe in contact with the ground first, align the straight pipe, and then move the angled pipe vertically.

The arrangement is sufficient for our activity, but you may want to rotate the straight pipe so that the bolts align with the angled pipe, and also add a valve.

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