Using gestures on a VR headset

If you use a VR headset and hand controllers, the hands of your avatar follow the movements of your real hands. You can perform gestures in the real world and your avatar performs the same gestures in ENGAGE. For example, you can wave to another user or raise your hand to ask a question.

The sections below describe some specific gestures that you can perform with hand controllers.

Clap your hands

Repeatedly move your controllers together and apart to simulate clapping your hands. You don't need to make contact between the controllers. If you perform the gesture correctly, a clapping sound effect plays.

As a host, you can control whether a sound effect accompanies the hand clap gesture. For more information, see Setting permissions for all users.

Point your finger

Press and hold the grip button to make your avatar's hand adopt a pointing gesture. You can point with either hand.

Create a laser pointer

Press and hold both the grip and trigger buttons to create a laser pointer. You can use either hand, but you must be a host in a Session to use this gesture.

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