Add triggers

We’ll add buttons so that a user can choose which sea creature to learn about.

  1. Move the play head to approximately 0:03. This will give users a small amount of time to acclimatize.

  2. On the left-hand side of the timeline, select Trigger.

  3. From the library of triggers, select 3D Button.

  4. Place the button in front of the Transport all Players to Location IFX, on the opposite side to the cliff wall.

  5. On the timeline, select the cog on the 3D Button's container.

  6. In the End Time field, type 00:00:30.

  7. In the Custom Name field, type Clown button.

  8. In the UI Text field, type Clown Fish, and then select Save Effect.

  9. Repeat from step 2 to create a button for the Orca Whale.

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