Using gestures on a phone, tablet, or desktop device

On phones, tablets, and desktop devices, you can access gestures from the side menu. You can choose between two gestures. You can choose to raise your hand or to clap your hands together. To use a gesture, complete the following steps:
  1. 1.
    On a desktop device, press the Esc key to open your menu. On a phone or tablet, tap the side menu icon (
  2. 2.
    On the side menu, select the gestures icon (
  3. 3.
    From the list that appears, select either the raise hand icon (
    ) or the clap hands icon (
Your avatar performs the gesture that you chose for approximately 7 seconds. The gesture icon pulses while the gesture is active.
Raise hand gesture (left) and clap hands gesture (right)
As a host, you can control whether a sound effect accompanies the hand clap gesture. For more information, see Setting permissions for all users.