Session portal IFX

Session portal IFX are available to only PLUS and ENTERPRISE users.

You can use a Session portal IFX to enable one-way travel between Sessions. Before you create a portal, you must know the Session ID for the destination. For information about the different ways that you can find a Session ID, see Finding a Session ID.

To create a Session portal IFX, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your menu or tablet, and then select IFX.

  2. In the search results, select the IFX that you want to use.

  3. In the Create Session Portal window, enter the destination Session ID.

  4. Optional: To link to a specific spawn point in the destination, select Advanced settings, enter the name of the spawn point, and then select Save name. For more information, see Using spawn point IFX.

  5. Select Create portal.

  6. Place the portal.

By default, the Session portal will be removed from the Session after you travel through it. If you want to use a temporary portal to travel with a group of people, ensure that the person who created the portal is the last person to travel through it. Alternatively, you can share a portal to have it remain after you travel through it.

Using spawn point IFX

You can use spawn point IFX to set the position where users will appear in a Session after they travel through a portal. You can have multiple spawn point IFX in a Session but you must assign a different name to each one.

To create a spawn point IFX, complete the following steps:

  1. In the search results, select the Portal Spawn Point IFX.

  2. In the Create spawn point window, enter a name for the spawn point.

  3. Select Create spawn point, and then place the spawn point.

  4. Optional: Rotate the spawn point marker so that the point faces in the direction that you want users to face after they travel through the portal. For more information, seeTransforming an object.

  5. Optional: Share the spawn point IFX so that it persists in the Session after you leave.

You can now add a portal and complete the optional step to enter a spawn point name.

Spawn point names are case sensitive. If you create a portal to a spawn point that doesn't exist, users arrive at the default start position.

You can use spawn points to create portals that lead to different areas within the same Session. To do this, enter the Session ID of the current Session when you create the portal.

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