Realigning a user's avatar

When a VR headset user changes between being seated and standing in their physical environment, their avatar can become misaligned. You may notice that either the avatar is in a crouched posture or the avatar's hands are in a high position.

To realign a user's avatar, complete the following steps:

  1. Identify the user that has a misaligned avatar and select their more icon (three dots).

  2. On the Host Actions page, select Recenter User.

A VR headset user can also realign their avatar through their wrist controls. For more information, see Realigning your avatar in VR.

If this option doesn't fix the avatar's appearance, they may need to change their tracking mode to Seated (Simulated Standing) or adjust their avatar's height to match their physical height. For more information, see VR tracking modes and Setting your height.

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