Using the 360 video room pedestal

You can use the 360 video room pedestal on all devices. However, to use the pedestal, you must either be a host or have been given media permissions. You must also move close to the pedestal to interact with it.

  • To load a video from the pedestal, select PLAY in the video's panel.

When you play a video, the pedestal disappears so that it doesn't obstruct your view. Use the media page of your menu or tablet to control the playback. When you eject a video, the pedestal reappears. For more information, see Controlling video playback.

The following table describes additional playback settings that you can access on the pedestal. These playback settings affect both videos that you play from the Media page and videos that you play from the pedestal.


4K Video

Turn on to view a compatible video in 4K resolution. To view 4K video, we recommend that everyone in the Session has a download speed higher than 25 Mbps.

Show Avatars

Turn off to hide avatars when a video plays. This setting doesn't affect voice, and people in the Session can continue to talk to each other.

360° / 180°

Switch between 360° video and VR 180 video. If you select the wrong setting for the video that you load, then the video will appear distorted. The current selection of videos on the pedestal are all 360 videos.

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