Saving a sequence

To save your sequence, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the File name field, enter a file name, and then select the tick icon.

  2. Optional: Edit additional file settings as required. See the section below for more information about each setting.

  3. Select Save.

File settings



The image to use as a thumbnail. You can select images from only the ENGAGE Pictures folder on your device.


The display name. This is how your sequence will be displayed in the menu.

File name

The name of the file that's saved.

Timer Type

When you use the Standard Timer, you can edit the Length setting to specify the duration of your sequence.

Important: The YouTube or direct video URL timer is not supported in this release. Existing sequences that use this option are not affected.


This is the duration of your sequence. To change this, select the current value, type a new value, and then select the tick icon.


The location you currently have your sequence based in. Edit to load the Location menu and change your location.

Note: If you change the location of your lesson, objects that you have added to the scene will be in a different location.


Add additional information to describe the content of your sequence. If your sequence is added to a public listing, the description will be included on the sequence page.

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