Shared media screens

For the shared media feature, a synchronized video is delivered to all users in a Session. The video can be playing even if there are no screens in the environment. If shared media screens are included in the environment, then regardless of when they appear or where they're placed, they will all show the same, synchronized video. Users in the Session can also see the video on the Shared Screen page of their in-Session menu.

Adding a shared media screen to a sequence

  1. From the library of IFX, select a screen. Any screen that does not include the words External URL, 360, or Chroma Key are shared media screens.

  2. Place the IFX in the environment. For more information about the controls that are available when you add an IFX, see Adding IFX.

Shared media screen effect options

For instructions on how to access effect options, see Effect options. There are no additional effect options for shared media screens. For information about how to play a shared media video, see Playing shared media.

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