Creating a puppet animation

Before you begin to record a puppet animation, ensure that you know how to quickly open the editor panel to stop the recording. Otherwise, you may record undesired movements at the end of the recording. On a desktop device, press the Esc key. On a VR headset, press the menu button on the controller.

You can choose whether the animation that you create uses linear or smooth (Bezier) interpolation between keyframes. For more information, see Keyframe interpolation modes.

  1. Select an object.

  2. Move the play head to the time when you want you start your animation.

  3. On the editor panel, select Record puppet.

  4. During the countdown warning, grab the object and prepare to create the animation.

  5. After the countdown warning reaches zero, move the object to enact the animation.

  6. After you complete the animation sequence, open the editor panel to stop the recording.

When you record a puppet animation, all other animations in the scene play in real-time. This helps you to coordinate your animations. The recorded puppet animation is saved as a series of keyframes, which you can then edit.

You can record a puppet animation on a desktop device, but you will achieve much more natural and dynamic results if you use hand controllers with a VR headset.

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