Add animation overrides

In your animation, the animals probably spend the majority, if not all, of the race in a walk animation. We can use animation overrides to choose when the animals switch to a run.

Watch your animation and identify when each animal moves fast enough to switch to a run. It may be the point when an animal starts to look as though it is sliding along the floor. Then, for each animal, complete the following steps to add an animation override.

  1. On the timeline, select the cog icon on the object’s container.

  2. On the Current Effect Options page, select Use Animation Overrides.

  3. Select NEW.

  4. In the Start Time field, enter the time when the animal should begin to run.

  5. In the End Time field, enter the time when the animal should return to a walk.

  6. In the Animation field, select an arrow to cycle through the available animations to run.

  7. Select SAVE EFFECT.

Review your animation and adjust the timing if needed.

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