Mixed reality Location Anchor

The Location Anchor provides a reference point for basic digital twins and IFX in a mixed reality Session. You manually place the Location Anchor at a point in your physical environment when you set up mixed reality.

Your placement of the Location Anchor is very important for the following reasons:

  • If you want to share a mixed reality experience with other users who are in the same physical space, all of your Location Anchors must align perfectly - both in position and orientation. Otherwise, you will see virtual objects in different places.

  • If you need to recreate your mixed reality setup, you must place your Location Anchor at the exact position and orientation that it was previously.

  • In other, more experimental configurations, creative use of Location Anchor placement may be required. For example, if multiple users join in mixed reality mode from remote locations, having each user's Location Anchor at the center of their respective spaces may enable their spaces to overlap in a usable way.

If want to create a shared mixed reality experience with co-located users, we recommend that you place a reference point in the real-world that each user can align their Location Anchor to.

Moving your Location Anchor

  1. In a Session that uses the Mixed Reality (MR) Room location, open your menu or tablet.

  2. In the MR Controls section, select Edit Location Anchor placement.

  3. In your environment, use the trigger button on your controller to grab the Location Anchor, and then move or rotate as required.

  4. When the Location Anchor is in your desired position, select Confirm.

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