Setting permissions for an individual user

  • To set specific permissions for an individual user, open the menu, select the Users page, and then select the Users tab.
On the Users page, each user is represented by a panel. Each icon on a panel represents a permission that you can toggle on and off. To toggle a permission, select the corresponding icon.
The permissions that you can set for individual users are determined by the device that they use. Android and iOS devices have the fewest capabilities. VR headsets have the highest number of capabilities because some features require hand controllers to use.
Available permissions on an Android phone (top) and Oculus Quest 2 (bottom)


The available permissions are summarized in the following table.
Avatar body
Toggle between full-body avatar and basic avatar. This option determines how a user appears on low-powered devices, rather than give them the choice to control the setting themselves. See Assigning full-body avatars.
Sticky notes
VR headset, desktop
Create sticky notes and add them to the environment. This incudes from wrist controls on a VR headset and from the notes page. See Sticky notes
3D pen
VR headset
Use the 3D pen to write and draw in the environment. See 3D pen
VR headset, desktop
Add IFX to the Session. See Adding IFX
Shared IFX
VR headset, desktop
Modify IFX that has been set to the shared status. See Sharing an object
Web browser
Use a personal web browser. See Web browser
Shared screen
Use the shared screen page on a menu or tablet to share videos, websites, cloud files, and computer desktop. See Sharing media
VR headset, desktop
Record the Session. A recording can include the motions, actions, and audio from all avatars in the Session. See Creating a recording
Use a microphone. You can select this option to mute a person's microphone. The option has additional functionality if a user has chosen to mute themselves. See Managing the microphone of an individual user
3D voice
Use spatial audio; where the volume of a user's microphone reduces as the person moves further away. This option determines whether 3D voice is applied to a user, rather than give them the choice to control it themselves.
Emoji Reactions
Enable or disable emoji reactions for an individual user. See Emojis. Note: This permission is not listed on the user panels. Instead, first select the more icon (
) for the user whose permission you want to change. Then, select the Emoji Reactions toggle.