Changing the language of the virtual keyboard

The language that you set for the ENGAGE app determines which languages you can choose for the virtual keyboard. For instructions on how to set the language of the ENGAGE app, see Choosing a language in the ENGAGE app.

To change the language of the virtual keyboard, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the language to use.

Using the virtual keyboard to type Chinese, Japanese, or Korean Characters

If you set the language of the virtual keyboard to Chinese, Japanese, or Korean, additional features are added to the virtual keyboard. You can use these additional features to enter characters in your chosen language.



Text entry field

The text entry field is the location in the ENGAGE app where you want to enter text. The example image shows a search field, but it could be part of your account profile, a sticky note, a Session name, or any other text field.


Character assembly area

When you select characters on the virtual keyboard, they temporarily appear in the character assembly area. The individual characters that you enter may automatically combine to construct characters in your chosen language.


Predictive text suggestions

For the Chinese and Japanese languages, predictive text suggestions are displayed based on the keys that you select on the virtual keyboard. Select a predictive text suggestion to add it to the text entry field.

To enter characters in your chosen language, choose one of the following options:

  • For the Korean language, the keys on the virtual keyboard represent consonants and vowels of the Korean alphabet (Jamo). When you select keys, the Jamo are automatically combined in the character assembly area, and then transferred to the text entry field.

  • For the Japanese and Chinese languages, use the Latin characters on the virtual keyboard to enter the phonetic version of words (e.g. Pinyin). When the character that you want to enter appears as a predictive text suggestion, select it to transfer that character to the text entry field.

If you set the virtual keyboard to use Japanese, you can choose to enter Hiragana or Katakana characters. To use Katakana characters, select the カタカナ key. Select the カタカナ key again to deactivate Katakana characters and return to Hiragana characters.

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