Give the wolf a head start

In the current configuration, it’s obvious at an early stage that the fox will win the race. We’ll make some adjustments so that it seems as though the wolf will win, and then the fox makes a comeback.

  1. On the timeline, select the fox object.

  2. Identify the red line. This represents the changing value of the Position.x parameter.

  3. Select one of the keys at either end of the red line.

  4. Press the f key on your keyboard to focus on the curve.

To adjust the curve, complete the following steps:

  1. Select the square for the first key.

  2. Drag the circular grip that appears towards the right.

Test your animation to ensure that the wolf has a head start, but that the fox crosses the finish line first.

The steepness of the curve determines how quickly the parameter changes. After you make the curve flatter at the start and steeper in the middle, the fox moves more slowly at the start and then faster in the middle.

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