Exploring ENGAGE

If you completed the sections in Getting started, you're ready to use ENGAGE. The following list includes some suggestions of what you may want to do next:

  • Customize the appearance of your avatar, which includes the ability to use a photograph of your face. For more information, see Avatars.

  • Explore public plazas and the wide variety of metaworlds that are part of ENGAGE LINK. For more information, see Accessing ENGAGE LINK.

  • Create a shared session and invite some other users to join you. For more information, see Sessions.

  • Create another private session and explore the features described in Essential features.

  • Learn about Venus, discover the potential dangers posed by cats, or view one of the many other presentations in the ENGAGE content directory. For more information, see Accessing ENGAGE content.

  • Register for an Event. For example, you could join one of the regular Exploring ENGAGE Events to get a guided tour of some of the features in ENGAGE. For more information, seeEvents.

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