Changes to file storage in ENGAGE v3.5

With the release of ENGAGE v3.5 (August 3rd, 2023), the following changes have been made to the storage of files on VR devices:

  • The location to which ENGAGE-specific files are saved has changed. The affected files are camera pictures, snapshots, recordings, and sequences (formerly lesson files).

  • Your existing ENGAGE-specific files will be copied to the new location.

  • All files will be deleted from the previous file location.

  • All newly created files will be saved to the new location only.

If you uninstall the application, all of your ENGAGE-specific files that are stored on the device will be deleted. We recommend that you back up your files to a different device before you uninstall the application.

File locations

ENGAGE v3.4 and earlier saved files to the following location on VR devices:

\Internal shared storage\Documents\ENGAGE

ENGAGE v3.5 now saves files to the following location on VR devices:

\Internal shared storage\Android\data\com.ivre.engage\files\ENGAGE

On some devices, instead of Internal shared storage, the root directory may be listed as sdcard or some other name.

ENGAGE files and subfolders

In the file location described in the previous section, there are several subfolders. To access files in the ENGAGE application, you must place them in the appropriate subfolder for their file type.

SubfolderPurposeFile types


Arrangements of IFX that you have saved for later use. For more information, see Snapshots.



Sequence files. Animations or interactive experiences that you have created in the Content Editor. For more information, see Creating a new sequence.



Spatial recordings that you have created within Sessions. For more information, see Recordings.



Images that you have captured with the ENGAGE camera. For more information, see Taking a picture with the ENGAGE camera.



Why was this change made?

Most stand-alone VR headsets use the Android operating system. To improve security, recent versions of the Android operating system restrict which file locations applications have access to. For more information, refer to Storage updates in Android 11. Meta now requires that we use the latest version of Android, for which these restrictions are mandatory. For more information, refer to Meta Quest Apps Must Target Android 12L Starting June 30. To maximize security and stability, we have applied the update across all supported stand-alone VR headsets.

Does this affect Android phones and tablets?

No. ENGAGE for Android phones and tablets already uses the file location that is required in the latest versions of the Android operating systems. Also, the features that would create files, such as IFX and recordings, are not available on phones or tablets.

Does this affect Cloud File Manager files?

No. ENGAGE Cloud File Manager files are stored remotely on ENGAGE servers, and so are unaffected by this change. If you have access to the Cloud File Manager, we recommend that you use that as the main location to store important files. You can then easily access your files on any device and restore your files if you need to uninstall the application or factory reset a device.

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