Creating an Enterprise Group Session

If you are a member of an enterprise group, you can create a Session that's listed only to other members of your enterprise group. On the Join Session page in the ENGAGE app, other group members can select the name of your enterprise group to see enterprise group Sessions.

If you select an appropriate name, such as the name of your meeting, then this approach makes it much less likely that an unwanted person will enter your meeting. You can then avoid the additional step of needing to use a password.

To create an enterprise group Session, complete the following steps:

  1. On the menu screen of the ENGAGE app, select Start Session.

  2. Select a location.

  3. Select With Others.

  4. Enter a Session Name. This name appears on the Join Session page.

  5. Optional: Enter a password.

  6. Optional: From the Max attendees list, select the maximum number of users that you want to be able to join the session. You are counted as one of the users. For more information, see Session capacity.

  7. Select the Enterprise Group List check box, and then clear the Public List check box.

  8. Select Start.

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