Moving around

The fastest way to move around in ENGAGE, and probably the most comfortable to use with VR headsets, is to teleport. For more information, see Teleporting. Alternatively, you can walk around the environment.

Walking when using ENGAGE on a VR headset

You can use the right thumbstick to turn left and right. Nudge the thumbstick left or right to ratchet your orientation in that direction.

You can use your left thumbstick to move backwards and forwards, and to slide left and right. However, free movement is turned off by default because it can cause discomfort for people new to VR. To enable free movement, complete the following steps:

  1. Open your menu or tablet.

  2. Select User Preferences, and then turn on the Free movement toggle.

You can now use the left thumbstick to move around.

Walking when using ENGAGE on a desktop device

Use the mouse to look around and change the direction in which you are facing. Use the following keys on the keyboard to move around:

  • Up arrow or W: walk forwards

  • Down arrow or S: walk backwards

  • Left arrow or A: slide sideways to the left

  • Right arrow or D: slide sideways to the right

Note: If you hold the Shift key at the same time, you move faster.

Walking when using ENGAGE on Android or iOS phones or tablets

Swipe in the center of the screen to change the direction in which you face. Use the on-screen thumbstick in the lower-left corner of the screen to move around.

In the ENGAGE app, you can view information about the controls for your specific device. For more information, see Basic controls.

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