Joining other people in LINK

ENGAGE LINK plazas, and many other spaces in LINK, use scalable Sessions. After a certain number of people join a space, typically 50, a new instance of that space is created. Any new people that join the space join the new instance. This enables spaces in LINK to dynamically scale and accommodate large numbers of users. However, it also means that two users can be in the same plaza, but not be able to see or hear each other. They may be in different instances of the same space.

If you and a group of people join the same space in LINK at the same time, it is much more likely that you will all join the same instance of that space. If you suspect that you are in a different instance to a person that you want to meet, see the sections below.

Checking which instance you are in

  1. In the LINK space, open your menu or tablet. For more information, see Accessing your menu.

  2. In the horizontal bar above the menu, make a note of the instance name.

To check if someone is in the same instance as you, select the Users page in the menu, and then search for a user by their name.

If you can communicate with the people that you want to meet, ask them to check which instance they are in. If you are in different instances, see the instructions below.

Joining users in a specific instance

Before you invite other users to join you, open your menu or tablet and check the number of users in your instance. Each instance can typically accommodate a maximum of 50 users. Ensure that there is enough room for all of the users that you will invite.

You can invite other users to join you through use of a Session ID. For instructions on how to find the Session ID, see Finding a Session ID. For instructions on how to use a Session ID to join a specific instance of a space, see Joining with a Session ID.

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