Basic animation

Create the start and end keys

Complete the following process for both the wolf and fox:

  1. Select the object.

  2. Move the playhead to the 0:30 position.

  3. Translate the object so that it passes the finish line.

Test the animation

You should see a fairly lacklustre race.

Retime the race

To make the animals run faster, we can retime the keys.

  1. On the timeline, select the wolf object.

  2. Drag the top, purple key to the 0:10 position.

You can test your animation from within the dope sheet view. Check that the speed seems realistic. The walk animation of the wolf may look unrealistic, but we will correct that.

Configure a winner

You may already have realized, but the easiest way to determine a winner, is to retime one of the animations to arrive at the finish line before the other object. In this tutorial, we’ll allow the fox to win the face.

  • Access the dope sheet for the fox and move the end key to approximately 0:09.

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